“There are few individuals that have the charisma, experience, and drive to impact a large community. Brad Van Liew came to South Carolina after achieving worldwide recognition as an adventure athlete…Brad is a true winner and friend. His business acumen complimented by his entertaining personality make him a prime target for any company looking for a credible spokesperson.”


– U.S. Congressman Henry Brown


“His exposure on NBC, CBS, USA Today, Textile World, Sailing World, Outside, and American Way positioned our brand globally in a wholesome and environmentally friendly way. Brad’s expertise in so many areas and stories of the Southern Ocean voyage were remarkable. He wove the core business strengths of Honeywell and our products into every outing and speech.”


– Rich Capuano, Honeywell International


“I have known Brad Van Liew for a great many years and view him as one of the most competitive solo ocean racers in the world…Brad’s participation alone will engage a large audience, his character and communication skills will keep the public enthused from the start…”


– Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Chairman, Clipper Ventures


“Our experience with Brad and Van Liew Ventures, Inc. has been excellent, providing us with unique product testimonial, media assets, logo placement, and credibility. His team is professional and prepared, always showing priority for sponsors in good times and during the challenging times of adversity. Our brand and the marketing messages have been woven into Brad’s media opportunities and he is exceptional at making sure that sponsors receive above and beyond what is expected.”


– Don Gearing, President, TyRy, Inc.


“Brad’s story would be of interest to any group simply because of the extreme nature of his adventures. Further-more, his message of defining and achieving dreams would be of great value to any organization seeking to inspire the troops to achieve collective goals.”


– Joseph Harris, CFO, New Boston Fund


“Brad has a unique ability to bring his audience through a range of emotions. His passion for competitive sailing is palpable. And his concern for his newborn daughter brings everything back full circle to what’s really important – balancing work and family, which we all struggle with. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and could have listened for at least another hour.”


– Timothy Swinger, VP Marketing, Honeywell International


“It was quite an opportunity to hear how Brad Van Liew planned and prepared for his adventure, then executed it with precision and skill. He is a role model for me, teaching me about setting high goals and not giving up on your dreams.”


– David L. Dunlap, President & CEO, Roper St. Francis Healthcare


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