Brad Van Liew is a professional ocean yacht racer and renowned corporate motivational speaker.  He has a gift of relating his often terrifying, always inspiring stories about facing the most extreme conditions on the planet to the high-intensity, high-risk corporate world.  In tales of grueling solo races that push physical and mental endurance to the limits, Brad tells what it takes to be the best.  You and your staff will be riveted by his words and slick multimedia presentation, while Brad’s tale of overcoming obstacles on the way to becoming America’s most successful solo ocean racer will inspire everyone in your organization.  Don’t take our word for it:


“There are few individuals that have the charisma, experience, and drive to impact a large community.  Brad Van Liew came to South Carolina after achieving worldwide recognition as an adventure athlete…Brad is a true winner and friend.  His business acumen complimented by his entertaining personality make him a prime target for any company looking for a credible spokesperson.”


– U.S. Congressman Henry Brown




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More people have traveled in space than have raced by sail around the world solo – Brad’s accomplishments make him a truly inspirational figure.  Brad customizes each speech to the precise needs of clients, turning his amazing personal stories into inspiration for people in any walk of life.  Topics often include leadership, teamwork, following your dream, discovering hidden strengths, preparing for anything, and overcoming both physical hardship and emotional despair.  Listeners walk away not just thinking “Wow, what a hero,” but also convinced that they, too, can accomplish great things.  He has presented to groups as diverse as Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo, the American Heart Association, Honeywell, Young Presidents Organization, the Nature Conservancy, schools, private clubs, and conferences such as West Marine University and the SCCIA annual event.



The Latest Adventure

One of Brad’s current projects involves Atlantic Ocean record breaking campaigns with Team Maserati aboard a turbo’d Volvo 70.  The latest news on this project can be found here, with the official team website located here.


In 2011 Brad Van Liew completed his third solo race around the world, leading the ECO 60 fleet of race boats on every ocean sprint to win the VELUX 5 OCEANS® race.  He is the first American to ever finish three races around the globe and the first person worldwide to win the race twice sweeping all legs of the event.  He sailed a recycled boat, using every solar and hydro-generating resource he could muster to avoid the use of fossil fuels.  He has shared his journey with fans worldwide via websites, blogs, newspapers, broadcast media and social networks.



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