What We Do

Van Liew Adventures, LLC is comprised of individuals of the highest caliber of knowledge, experience, and expertise that exists in the competitive world of international ocean racing. The company offers a diverse portfolio of goods and services to both the general public and the high profile professional racing crowd. We offer everything from top-tier public relations, media and marketing services to race campaign and boat building management, to navigational support and everything in-between.

Our team knows what it takes to go above and beyond in providing the maximum return on investment for racing projects, sponsors and supporters at the highest level. Our staff relationships are strong, with the young, tech-savvy energy in our office meshing perfectly with our traditional cutting edge media and marketing techniques.

Events and campaigns around the continent, and arguably the world, have viewed Van Liew Adventures, LLC as THE vehicle to take projects to the highest levels, garner the highest media impressions possible, and provide the absolute highest return on investment. We are the best at what we do.

A Brief History

2010 – 2011
Winner, All Legs, Velux 5 Oceans Race
Le Pingouin – Open 60 Campaign

2004 – 2009
Brad Van Liew Serves as Executive Director of South Carolina Maritime Foundation

2002 – 2003
Winner, All Legs, Around Alone Race
Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America – Open 50 Campaign

1998 – 1999
Third Place, Around Alone Race
Balance Bar – Open 50 Campaign

What People are Saying

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