Our Team

Brad Van Liew

is a premier offshore sailor specializing in extreme performance events.  He is the only American to complete three solo races around the world, having completed the 1998/99 Around Alone event (third place Open 50 Class), 2002/03 (first place Open 50 Class) and the recent Velux 5 Oceans (first place Open 60 class).  He swept all legs of each of his past two races around the globe.  He has been recognized by several organizations for his sportsmanship, seamanship, media communications and competitiveness.  Brad’s sailing resume is diverse and expansive, including everything from Newport to Bermuda races at the young age of twelve to Extreme 40s to Open-60 racing.  Brad is also the former Executive Director of the South Carolina Maritime Foundation, a graduate of the University of Southern California and a member of the California Yacht Club and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.


Brad and Team Maserati just set a record for the historic route from Cadiz to San Salvador on February 13, 2012 aboard a revamped Volvo 70.  They will next be attempting to break the 24 hour speed record for a monohull along with two additional distance records.


Danny Havens

leads operations and assists with marketing and PR.  He formerly worked for the South Carolina Maritime Foundation.  During his tenure there he led logistics, sponsorship fulfillment, marketing and PR for Charleston Race Week, which became the largest regatta in North America in 2011.  Danny negotiated the first premier title sponsorship in the history of the event and broke company records in terms of attendance and revenues.  He also implemented and operated a highly successful boat donation and refurbishing program which generated over a quarter million USD in revenues in merely two years.  Danny has liaised with (amongst others): U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Special Operations Command, S.C State Ports Authority, Charleston Branch Pilots’ Association, Customs and Border Protection/ Department of Homeland Security, City of Charleston Police Department, City of Charleston Department of Traffic and Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and the South Carolina Flight Standards District Office.   He started sailing at a young age in Optis, coached sailing while in high school and continues to race competitively as much as possible.  Danny’s most recent achievement was placing 3rd overall at the 2011 U.S. Sailing Offshore Championship.  He holds the degree of Bachelor of Science in Economics from the College of Charleston and resides in Charleston, SC.


Jefferey Wargo

is an experienced offshore sailor with a solid eighteen year history of racing and preparing race boats of the highest caliber for competition. In addition to working with Team Lazarus and Le Pingouin, he was Brad’s Project Manager in the Around Alone Race 2002/03 with a First Place victory in every leg of the event and a World Record for mileage covered in 24-hours. As Brad is sailing, Jeffrey is preparing for the arrival, repair, maintenance and reconditioning needed to win the next leg. From sails, to deck layout, electronics and keel mechanics, Jeffrey is Brad’s partner in making sure the race boat is prepared for the rigors of any conditions at sea. His own highly regarded and extensive sailing resume includes racing on the Kialoas under Jim Kilroy, The Race 2000 under Cam Lewis, Team Dennis Connor 2001, Brad’s Around Alone victory of 2002/03 and several other crewed and solo endeavors. He resides in Johns Island, South Carolina.


JC Caso

began his professional sailing career in 1992 sailing Pen Duick 6 in a transatlantic crossing. He has successfully managed four Vendé Globe projects since 1996 and was shore support for Around Alone competitors (now Velux 5 Oceans) in 1998/99 and 2002/03. In 1998/99 JC was shore support for Marc Thiercelin’s Open 60 Somewhere, when Brad Van Liew was dismasted in the Southern Ocean. It was JC that rallied fellow teams (and rivals) to contribute to Brad’s efforts to get back in the race, making him a key component in the recovery and Brad’s third place finish in 1999, despite the dismasting. JC has a hefty racing resume himself, with races including the Mini Transat, Figaro, Jacques Vabre, Quebec-St. Malo and several transatlantics. He resides in La Rochelle, France.

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