Have you thought about transitioning from the standard crewed racing scene to the more challenging task of solo racing? Or maybe you have a keen eye on the new Class 40s, the Barcelona World Race or the other double handed and short handed sailing opportunities?


It is an entirely new world when you are on your own offshore or with a limited crew.  Brad Van Liew’s expertise runs the gamut after more than three solo circumnavigations and some of the most competitive racing on the planet. He works with the most technologically advanced electronics available and is hands-on in every aspect of preparing boats for ocean races.


Whether you are headed out for an extended cruise or if you want to tackle some of the world’s most challenging races, Brad can help make the experience better, smoother, lighter and above all faster.


Some topics to consider:


  • Radar, AIS and chartplotting
  • Modern autopilot technology – integrating your instrument package
  • Finding the sweet spot between speed and safety
  • Alternative energy: hydrogenerators, solar and other
  • Weather strategy: when to keep your course and when to run
  • Pushing your body physically and mentally
  • Sleep deprivation: training your body and mind for the offshore environment
  • Onboard diets in extreme environments


“Wow is the only way to say it! I had an awesome run up to Newport on Le Pingouin with Brad.  The boat is an incredible machine… a combination of speed, seaworthiness and comfort.  Ok check the comfort part,  I may still be still a little crazed from the attack of the killer flies we encountered 60 miles off NJ. I was lucky to see every point of sail including the big kite and a good variety of wind conditions. It is impressive to watch those tillers so effortlessly translate the onboard sensor input to  play waves and  wind – all this while reaching along at speeds of 22+ kts in the same amount of wind speed! The experience offshore, on any boat of this caliber should not be missed and to get to sail with  Brad, a guy at the top of the offshore singlehanded sailing scene just adds icing on the cake!”


-Guy E. Mossman, CEO, Orbis, Inc.


Van Liew Adventures offers private instruction and optimization aboard multiple types of boats, including yours. 


Contact us today and let us know how fast you want to go!


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