Campaign / Project Management


Van Liew Adventures, LLC offers a wide spectrum of consulting and management services to both the general public and the top-tier world of professional racing.


Our services include but are by no means limited to:


  • High profile race campaign management
  • Speaking engagements
  • Product endorsements (limited)
  • Public relations, marketing and media services at the highest professional level
  • Race or cruising navigation support and consulting
  • Weather routing and route optimization education and support
  • Boat construction supervision and management
  • Boat rebuild supervision and management
  • Electronics systems consulting for the highest caliber technology available
  • Regatta or event management
  • Custom consulting and management packages


“There are few individuals that have the charisma, experience, and drive to impact a large community. Brad Van Liew came to South Carolina after achieving worldwide recognition as an adventure athlete…Brad is a true winner and friend. His business acumen complimented by his entertaining personality make him a prime target for any company looking for a credible spokesperson.”


– U.S. Congressman Henry Brown


Brad Van Liew has completed three successful solo ocean racing campaigns, including the Balance Bar Around Alone campaign in 1998-1999, the Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America Around Alone campaign in 2002-2003 and the recent Le Pingouin Velux 5 Oceans campaign in 2010-2011.  One of Brad’s current projects includes record breaking campaigns with Team Maserati aboard a revamped Volvo 70.


Brad finished third overall as an underdog with Balance Bar, and went on to sweep all legs of each race around the globe aboard Tommy and Le Pingouin.  He is the only person to have swept every leg of two races and the only American to have raced around the planet solo three times.


Members of Van Liew Adventures have also played key roles in major tall ships events attracting tens of thousands of visitors, high profile racing events including Charleston Race Week (largest regatta in North America in 2011), hosting around the world race stopovers, collaborating with top sponsorship brands, as well as many additional endeavors.


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