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The foundation for Van Liew Adventures, LLC is America’s undisputed #1 solo ocean racer Brad Van Liew.  Throughout fifteen years of competitive sailing, Brad has not only excelled in a competitive sport, but also at building a team that specializes in ocean adventures.  The team’s expertise runs the gamut from coaching those that want to race competitively to managing events that garner massive international exposure.  His talent in the boardroom is as compelling as his strategic decisions at sea.  If you want to be inspired and if excellence is a requirement (not a hope) we encourage you to read on and discover what your extended crew at Van Liew Adventures can do for you.


Van Liew Adventures is a team of individuals with the knowledge, experience, and determination that makes winning not only accessible, but fun.  Whether you are a sailor that wants to garner additional skills, a business owner trying to motivate the team, or a sponsor looking to differentiate your brand from others, Van Liew Adventures can help.  The company offers a diverse portfolio of services to both the general public and the high profile professional yachting industry.


Van Liew Adventures has consistently over delivered – we know what it takes to go above and beyond in providing the maximum return on investment for sponsors, supporters and racing projects of the highest level.  The company’s staff relationships are strong, with the young, tech-savvy energy in their office meshing perfectly with traditional cutting edge media and marketing techniques.


Events and campaigns around the country, and arguably the world, have viewed Van Liew Adventures as THE vehicle to take projects to the highest levels, garnering the highest media impressions possible, and providing the absolute highest return on investment. Call us confident, but we are the best at what we do in a specialized industry.

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