Summer Sailing

Le Pingouin is headed home to Charleston, South Carolina and I am eager to have the bright yellow bird back here in the Lowcountry. I am thankful to have friends sailing her home as I did need a break from the boat. My muscles are still sore and my joints ache. I am sleeping in fits, but nothing like the sleep deprivation I suffered while racing. LP and I created a strong bond throughout the race and my connection with her is stronger than I have experienced with any other boat. Sailing her is an amazing experience and I will spend several weeks this summer rekindling my bond with her but in a non-racing environment. This will be a time to service our sponsors, new and old, with sailing opportunities, corporate events, dockside receptions and more. We’ve outlined a rough schedule below to give you an idea of where the boat will be going and the opportunity to get involved.


  1. July, 2011

  2. Charleston events and day sails

  3. Charleston to Bermuda sail training with guests

  4. Bermuda events and day sails

  5. Bermuda to Newport sail training with guests


  7. August, 2011

  8. Newport to New York sail training with guests

  9. New York events and day sails

  10. New York to Boston sail training with guests

  11. Boston events and day sails

  12. Boston to Bermuda sail training with guests


  14. September, 2011

  15. Bermuda events and day sails

  16. Bermuda to Charleston sail training with guests


Please contact us if you are interested in the sail training opportunities for summer 2011 and beyond. You too can experience the thrill of offshore sailing on one of the fastest boats in the world... but you'll also get a taste of the lifestyle on an extreme Open 60 racing machine.


Corporate parties interested in hospitality and branding can also contact us for more information at, or call us at 843-416-8319.  Thanks again for all the support!

-Brad Van Liew

Fresh off his commanding Velux 5 Oceans victory, Brad Van Liew is preparing for the next chapter of his racing career with a promo tour for his bright yellow Open 60 “Le Pingouin.”  Looking for some ocean racing experience and training aboard one of the most awesome shorthanded sailing machines in the world?  Read on for details on how to get in touch with Brad and arrange your voyage (or corporate sailing trip, or speaking engagement…), and be sure to check back on Friday to learn how you can win an Open 60 trip with Brad!