11 May 2012

Maserati Takes an Advantage of 80 Miles

At 10.36 GMT (12.36 Italian time) Maserati flies at a speed 20 knots, taking an advantage of 80 miles on Mari Cha IV, the 140 ft maxi yacht that set the New York-Lizard Point speed record.

In these hours, Giovanni Soldini and his crew of 7 members are facing the floating icebergs and the freezing 5° Celsius waters in front of Newfoundland. Due to these critical conditions, the navigation is really challenging.

Aboard Maserati, Giovanni Soldini explains: “We will shortly be sailing in the iceberg zone. The water temperature is currently at 5° Celsius. For security reasons we have decided to slow down a little.  We will be entering the iceberg area in the next 85 miles and will be out of it in 220 miles. We have been forced to follow a northerly route that takes us through the floating icebergs because the Azores high pressure is really north. We will sail up to 49°N and then head towards Lizard Point. Both Maserati and the crew are doing great and we are really pleased with the advantage we have on Mari Cha IV. The next hours are crucial. We will keep our eyes wide open”.

Maserati left New York on May 9 at 7.20 GMT (9.20 Italian time) to try and break the New York – Lizard Point speed record set by Mari Cha IV that sailed the route in 6 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 39 seconds.

Today at 10.36 GMT Maserati still has to sail 1904 miles.